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Mark II leather products are manufactured and marketed by our central office based out of Kochi, in India,   We work with select manufacturers around the country to hand pick very unique products.  We work with factories and designers to create unique and ‘n-nonsense’ designs.  MII dont fail you on quality and the price.

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Why Mark II leather products

We may make a lot of promises regarding Mark II leather products, but they can all seem trite and overused. We’ll keep things really easy. The founders of M II adore leather goods and use genuine leather items in all aspects of their everyday lives, including work and travel. Therefore, interacting with M II inevitably results in you receiving personal attention for both the price and the quality, and we mean that!


We actively engage in making process of M II products from scratch. Its a passion for us to make it right and with super premium quality material.


Mostly this is the magical part, while the 'premuim quality' is something other brands can also do, we do it with the right price, affordable . Here we use all our skill to negotiate and convicnce without cutting any corner!


Alright the quality and price works, but the style ? M II invites you to browse our catalogue and feel our style statement, You wont be disappointed.

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We are only 4 - Hey, but is a super team!

Remya K

Operations Manager
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Jafser John

Office Manager
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Mike June

Managing Director
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Neha Rose

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