Genuine Leather travel wristlet wallet – Safiano pattern mango tan

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  • M II genuine leather double zipper travel wristlet wallet mango tan colour in safiano pattern  with 16 card slots and 8 larger currency and passport pockets.

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M II Genuine leather mango tan travel wristlet wallet   – In safiano pattern mango tan colour pure leather –  with 16 card slots and 8 multi-utility long pockets  | 100% genuine leather travel wallet , hand crafted in India.

M II genuine leather mango tan travel wristlet wallet   , in safiano pattern mango tan Specifications:

Brand :  M II
Model : Mango Tan wristlet
Colour: Mango Tan (Safiano pattern)
Length : 110 mm
Width : 210 mm.
Weight: 360.gms (without any items loaded)

Height :  50 mm (depending on the size of items stored)

Body material: Genuine 100% safiano pattern leather in mango tan colour. Thick layered  safiano pattern genuine leather with wrist band.

Storage capacity /  details :  This double zipper travel wristlet has two major compartments, each has its own zippers around. both compartments has different storage slots and pockets.  In first compartment, 6 x card slots, one quick currency storage, three larger long currency/note pockets, one internal zipper pouch (of fabric lining) and 1 x pen loop.   The other compartment has mobile phone storage, 10 x card slots, 1 x ID card ,  1 x long currency/ note slot.

Special Note :   this is a multipurpose travel wallet.  except the storage slots for credit cards,  other slots and pockets can be used for multiple storage requires, ans per your need.  The wallet is provided with a wrist loop.

Made in : India

leather travel wristlet wallet leather travel wristlet wallet leather travel wristlet wallet leather travel wristlet wallet

Special Note :  Pens/currency/phones/cards displayed in the pictures are for demonstration purpose only, not part of the offer. quoted price is for the M II genuine leather mango tan travel wristlet wallet only.  Please check all the 12 photographs listed above,  there are clear detailed closeups to clarify your doubts.

Return and refund:

We are happy to accept the return and refund under two conditions. First, If the item was delivered to you in damaged condition. Second, The MII genuine leather mango tan travel wristlet wallet didn’t meet the specifications we have listed above (like size or colour etc..). We still can accept your returns if you don’t like the product for some unknown reasons  (window shopping), but kindly go through pictures and details to avoid the effort of shipping the product back and forth. If you need any more information about the M II genuine leather mango tan colour travel wallet ,  please get in touch with us.

Package Contents:

The price is for a single M II Genuine leather travel wristlet wallet  in safiano pattern pure leather ,to store multiple utilities  as you see in the Pictures and description with details listed above. The pen pouch will be packed in waterproof material and a tamper-proof outer package.

Shipping and delivery :

Though we work the very best to ship the item as soon as we can, please note that this item is shipped from Kerala, India. Orders to some Indian states located far away from Kerala (upper northern or eastern states) may be delayed due to logistics constraints. 95% of the packages have arrived within 7- 9 days for India orders.  For international customers,  Please note There are multiple logistics companies, airlines, customs offices, cargo and parcel handlers involved in getting this item to move from our office to your address. And any delay or mishaps with any of these parties involved will affect the speed of delivery. International orders were usually delivered between 15 – 28 days after shipping,  5% of the orders got delayed more than 30 days, some packages even took 60 + days, but they arrived. kindly note this point. All of  your orders will have a trackable shipment number.

Shipping partners :  Our preferred shipping partner is India post. For orders from India, orders are shipped through Speed post service.

For International orders:

We use India post registered international service.  We use the standard shipping method, which means it will be delivered to you through your country’s official postal service. the buyer will need to sign a document to receive the package.  99% of the postal services will try only one delivery attempt at the given address, after the first attempt,  they will inform you to visit your local post office/outlet  to collect the item. Be prepared to visit the post office if you missed the first delivery attempt. We do not have express shipping methods available in our city.  Only standard shipping possible.

Customs and clearance :  We always declare items like this as a ‘personal gift’ and we put only 2 or 3 USD value to make it easy at customs clearance in your country.  Still some countries have a policy to inspect every package landing in their country.  If you are in doubt,  please check with your country’s customs department if its OK to import this item for personal use. Buy the item only if they approve  (99% of countries have no problems on a personal use import). Sometimes you will be asked by customs to provide a declaration about the import (e.g,  you declare the actual usage of the item and the item will be released).

Customs duty : though we declare the item as a personal gift and put only 2-3 USD value, in some rare cases customs officers will physically inspect the item, and they decide to charge you with an import duty. Please check with your customs department if there is any import duty for such items when buying for personal use  (guide :  99.99% of the time import duties are charged  only when the imported items has value of  higher range of 200 USD + , and definitely doesn’t apply here since we are declaring the value of the item considerably very low).

Packing :  Three layer packing is free. item will be wrapped with a bubble roll, and covered with another layer foam , again repacked with mailer envelope or carton box.

Here is a list of Mark II genuine leather items.

For support, please contact our whatsapp support number (+91 9995616500) or email ID  [email protected].

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